Marketing and Sales Qualified Leads

Lead Max Guru's wide-range of B2B Marketing Solutions provides access to marketing-ready and sales-ready leads.

Appointment Setting - We open the doors, you close the DEALS.

Let your sales team focus on what they do best, CLOSE, Lead Max Guru will focus what it does best, FIND the target decision makers of targeted accounts who want to talk to you.

> Deliver Qualified and Targeted Appointments

> Generate a Full Sales Pipeline

> Increase Lead Quality, Quantity and ROI

Sales Prospecting is one of the most time-consuming aspects of sales. In cognizance, your sales team is more productive when they are focused on nurturing relationships and closing deals. Lead Max Guru's highly skilled and scalable team will help you succeed by delivering high-quality face-to-face appointments with key decision-makers.

Our coordinated and collaborative approach will support your value proposition using our proven and tested prospecting methodologies through multiple channels of communication.

Working together with your team and utilizing our rich and robust data warehouse of over 50 million contacts, our appointment setting program targets decision makers in your chosen industry and secure their interest for your sales team to close the deal.

We have the resources and processes in place to create an appointment setting program in a shortest possible time. We customize our service specifically to your business, products, and goals. It is our commitment to keep you fully engage throughout the campaign period and employ proven technologies and internal processes. Lead Max Guru continuously refining and honing its processes and methodologies to provide clients with the best practice outcome.

Call us today. We will find you leads, you close the deals.