Marketing and Sales Qualified Leads

Lead Max Guru's wide-range of B2B Marketing Solutions provides access to marketing-ready and sales-ready leads.

Event Marketing - Engage and Convert

Event marketing is an effective way to generate sales leads. It leaves a lasting, brand-focused representation of fun by securing the attention of your prospects who are gathered together. If carried out successfully, event marketing will impart each of them with experience that will resonate in their minds.

Although event marketing is an essential part of a marketing program, companies are facing more challenges such as limited budgets, limited time to get things done, event competition, and in most cases, sales teams aren't interested doing the invites. Lead Max Guru provides solutions to these challenges.

Lead Max Guru's email and telephone-based methods assure your event will produce superior results. We will make certain to personally reach out to your prospects to ensure high participation turn-out and maximize ROI for your events.

Go ahead, plan your event and we will bring in the attendees.